Doubt vs. Confidence


It's a little word that holds a whole lot of meaning. 

What does doubt mean to you? 

What about confidence? 

To me, they are the opposites of each other. When you doubt something, you are not projecting the confidence needed to see it through. 

Doubt will crush you. Doubt will stop you. Doubt will cripple you. 

Let me ask you something. 

What would happen if you believed in yourself and had confidence? And what impact could you make on this world if doubt wasn't holding you back? 

Is doubt the thing holding you back from making the change to be healthy? 

Self doubt is a thief. It will steal your success. And I don't want that for you. I want to give you some tools to overcome that self-doubt and how to gain confidence around the weight loss journey.

  1. First you need to acknowledge your feelings. This is the first step to overcoming anything - acknowledging it. And after you acknowledge it, you can then be able to sift through it to see if this is doubt because of fear or something else. 
  2. Next you should create reasonable goals. Sometimes the doubt is brought on by unreasonable expectations and goals. And then when we don't hit those goals, we consider ourselves a failure and will lead to doubt in the future. I see this all too often in the wellness industry. 
  3. And lastly, you need to shift your mindset through Think Fit Method™. A positive mindset around your health journey doesn't only produce positive energy, but it does so much more. A positive mindset is empowering. It can lead to confidence that will push you through until you reach your goals. 

Stop letting that doubt hold you back. Make the choice today to conquer your doubt and step in to confidence. For a course to teach you just how to do that, head over to


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