Admire Someone Else's Beauty Without Questioning Your Own.

Comparison is such a hard thing to overcome. We as women, look out to everyone else longing to be what they are, to have what they have. But when is enough, enough? 


Ask yourself this... can you truly admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own? 

Truly ask yourself that. 

It's a hard thing, right?!

Let me give you a few tips you can put in to practice so that you can truly start looking out and admiring others beauty without questioning your own beauty and your own worth. 

The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

  1. Starting watering your own grass. When you start focusing on bettering yourself, you will start to see the things you want. So if it's someone else's body you are admiring, start working on yours. Start exercising and eating right. 
  2. Be grateful for what you have and where you are. Start loving your journey and loving yourself. You would be amazed at the difference a mindset shift can make. Instead of hating the process, start loving where you are! 
  3. Do a social media detox. Yep, you heard me. Any of those accounts you follow that make you feel less than you are, unfollow them! We are constantly bombarded with the "highlight" reel of peoples lives which has us questioning out own. So if you have certain accounts that you find yourself constantly comparing yourself too, unfollow them!
  4. Realize you're not perfect.. Let me break it to you, friend, nobody is perfect. You may be looking at other people's lives and wishing it was yours, but I can promise you, their life is NOT perfect! 
  5. Don't let fear guide you. Let go of that fear of stepping in to YOU. Let go of the fear of being your best self. Embrace change and you would be amazed at what can come when you let go of fear. Fear is a liar and will hold you back from what you want because you are too scared to step in to it. 

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