My Passion Project: Think Fit Method™

Wow, what a journey I’ve been on the past 6 months. Think Fit Method™ was just a thought in September 2017 and now it’s fully coming to life this April of 2018. God had really placed something on my heart that I knew I needed to run with. The biggest struggle I saw my clients facing day in and out was mindset and truly believing they are worth the journey. So after wrestling with the idea, spending hours in prayer and honestly, fighting God on it, I began my passion project Think Fit Method™.

You see, my educational background is actually in mental health and social work. After graduating Eastern Washington University in 2005, I began working in the mental health field. I spent 10 years in the industry working with individuals with mental health struggles and/or developmental disabilities. In 2012, I started my own health and fitness journey - changing my life forever. And and couple years later, I stepped out of the social work/mental health field and jumped 100% in the fitness industry. Now, God has placed it on my heart to bring the two together and Think Fit Method™ was born.

Think Fit Method™ is an 8-week self-paced online course to help you conquer mindset, emotional eating and self sabotage on your journey to self discovery. You will dive deep into defining your why and truly believing your self worth the way God sees you.

I struggled with emotional eating for years, so I understand that it’s not just a physical issue. The mind must be healed before the body in order to have truly sustainable results. That’s why I developed this course to help you overcome emotional eating, binge eating, negative self-talk and self sabotage.

 You were fearfully and wonderfully made, and you are of infinite worth. It’s crucial not just to know this, but to truly understand and feel it. Think Fit Method™ will take you on a journey of discovery that will reunite you with your best self; the person God created you to be.

 Along with the all-important emotional healing you’ll experience in this course, you’ll also learn a better approach to nutrition and exercise. They’re a vital part of your journey as well, and I’ll teach you how to give your body exactly what it needs for optimal health and weight loss - God's way. You will be able to work through this course at your own pace!

Wondering if this course is for you?

Do you find yourself struggling with...

  • Emotional eating
  • Binge eating
  • Self sabotaging
  • Negative self-talk
  • Feeling tired and unhappy
  • Feeling frustrated and stuck
  • Drifting through life without a solid plan

And you’re ready to start...

  • Emotional healing
  • Retraining your mind
  • Positive self-talk
  • Healthy nutritional changes
  • Manageable exercises
  • Defining your WHY
  • Knowing your worth and living it

Then Think Fit Method™ is the answer you’ve been searching for!

You’ve already done the diet roller coaster and you know it simply doesn’t work.  The “calories in, calories out” theory obviously doesn’t work either, or you never would have had weight issues in the first place.

 You’re at a crossroads.  You can choose the path on the left.  It’s familiar, so it feels safe, but you know this isn’t the path you’re meant to take.  Or you can choose the path on the right. The path that leads to healing and happiness and weight loss you can truly sustain and enjoy.

So what’s the investment?

How much is your emotional baggage weighing you down?  How much is your weight holding you back? How much would it be worth to have the energy you need to play with your kids?  Or wear your favorite clothes? How much is less-than-ideal weight really costing you? It could be a lot more than you thought.

Join Think Fit Method™ for the introductory price of only $199.

So if you’re tired and frustrated and done feeling stuck it’s time to learn a better way that will heal the mind, body and spirit so you can feel true balance and achieve real health.

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