How to Finally Throw the Scale Away

How to Finally Throw the Scale Away.png

Every morning, there are literally thousands of women that wake up each day and head for the scale. That little number will then dictate their emotions (and even self-worth) for the remainder of the day. And then, they wake up the next morning and do the exact same thing again. We let the scale decide whether we are “good” or “bad” because of what it tells us. When you own a scale, you do more harm than good - and it is totally unnecessary! Here’s why…

  1. You are allowing an object to dictate how you feel about yourself: When you put it like that, how silly does that sound? I have witnessed just how upset women by simply stepping foot on the scale. They cry and let their weight define them. When you allow your self-esteem and self-worth to be affected by an outside source, you can never truly be confident in who you are. These things are out of your control. There are SO many more things about you that are more important than a number. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? Are the kind of person that wants to be remembered for how you made OTHERS feel or how your body made YOU feel? No matter what size you are, you are loved and valued and you belong.

  2. It’s not accurate: Weight fluctuations are common. There are multiple factors and multiple reasons this happens, and people who are chronic weighers can be set into panic mode because of them. Our bodies are primarily made up of water, and they can fluctuate by several pounds on any given day. These changes are essentially meaningless and just go to show that the scale cannot tell you anything about your body composition or how healthy you are in general. In all seriousness, you can be thin and be extremely unhealthy. You can also be a little heavier and be perfectly healthy. The number on the scale is a terrible indicator of overall health.

  3. It does not measure fat loss: Most people want FAT loss, not weight loss. They want to decrease the amount of fat that their body has on it. A scale cannot tell you this. It can only tell you how much your body weighs–including not just fat, but also bone, organs, muscle, and water. This contributes to the number of “fad” diets out there as well. These short-term fixes will probably make the number on the scale go down, but your body fat percentage actually goes up! Many of the trends to decrease weight will actually make you fatter. Have you ever heard of women gaining weight but they look so much slimmer? That’s because a scale can’t tell you about body composition, muscle gained, and fat loss! It is a huge mistake to confuse your weight with your level of body fat.

If you still feel the need to measure yourself in numbers, measure yourself in the number of the number of people you help, the number of items you are grateful for in your life, or the number of loved ones you have to surround you. No matter what you weigh, you are beautiful and amazing—just as you are!



Jenny Mire