Your Worth as a Woman

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One of the biggest things I run into with my  clients is mindset. Having a proper mindset stems from knowing your worth as a woman. Every single human being longs to feel worth it. Yet it is something that millions of women struggle with accepting.

I want to take something that my dear friend, Kristine Oliver, wrote for the Think Fit Method on “Your Worth”:

“Worth. Value. Belonging.  These words have something in common, don’t they?  It's likely that at least one of these words pulls at your heartstrings a little bit.  Why? Because every single human longs to know that they have worth, that they are valuable and that they belong. I say this because we were made by a loving father who wants and pursues us even when we don’t recognize it.  Because we are created and intricately crafted to share relationship with him and others.  And in my humble opinion, I believe it’s fair to go on the record stating that we will struggle with seeing ourselves as worthy, believing we have value and have a place of belonging when we don’t consider the price paid for us by our loving creator.  We will struggle when we let the negative and discouraging and even ugly thoughts bounce around in our minds and become the rhetoric we become accustomed to hearing and believing day in and out. We beat ourselves up. We negative self talk, we allow our struggles to define us and sometimes we believe the lie that God couldn’t love us because we fail and we sin and it’s all just too much.”

These words ring so true with me. How about you? Do you resonate with those words? Do you struggle with believing that you are worth it?

Let me tell you, friend, that you ARE worth it!

You are worth the fight.

You are worth your health.

I want to give you three tools that you can utilize each day to begin the process of knowing your worth.

  1. Know yourself at a deeper level.
    This may sound hard to begin with but the more you know yourself, the more you will value your worth. Spend quiet time really looking in to who you are, listing the things you are good at, knowing what you struggle with, what you excel at, what fears you have etc.

  2. Get in God’s word.
    Meditate on the word of God daily. Read what he has to say about your worth to Him. Here are some great verses to start with: Psalm 139:13-15, 1 John 4:16, Romans 8:37-39

  3. Speak life to yourself.
    After you have really dived in to who you are and who you are to God, it is time to start speaking life to yourself. Speak to yourself the way you would speak to others. Wake up every day and look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful”, “I am valued”, “I am loved”, “I love myself”. You would be amazed at what saying these words out loud will do for mind.

I get it friends, learning to love yourself and know that you are WORTH it is a long, hard process. But I can promise you this, that God loves you and you are so worth it to Him. And if you are worth it to the creator of this universe, you are worth it to yourself and those around you.

My prayer is that as you are reading this blog, you are beginning to fully believe that you are worth it. If you would like to chat about this, I would love to offer a free consultation. Please head over here to schedule:

Cheers to knowing your worth!

Jenny Mire