The Mind Body Connection: Making Your Mind Work For Your Body

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We talk a lot about mindset a lot on our health journeys, but why?

What does your mind have to do with your body?

A lot actually.

The mind-body connection is a real thing.

Have you noticed when you are scared, your heart races? And what about nervous… sweaty palms maybe? There is so much research out there that suggests that even having different posture can change what happens in your mind during that moment.

So why is this so important when you are on your health and wellness journey?

Because what you THINK comes out in what you can actually do.  Our bodies actually REACT to what our mind says and thinks!

Did you know your mind determines everything? It’s your brain that tells you to get up and workout and to stop eating when you aren’t hungry. It’s your brain that tells you that you can do this or you can’t do this.

But did you know that you have the ability to control your brain? God gave you the ability to change your mindset.

Have you ever heard the term “you are what you eat?” Well, today I want you to know that you are what you believe you are.

The most successful people all have something in common - they visualized and believed they could get to where they wanted to go. They imagined that they would be successful, no matter what area of life.

Your mindset is a lot more powerful than you give it credit for being. Our frame of mind can work for us and against us. In the same way a positive mindset can help us in life, a negative frame of mind can also be detrimental to us. When we focus on the negative we will struggle. It’s the “garbage in, garbage out” concept.  What we put in our mind has the ability to impact how we live and the kind of results we achieve or fall short on.  This is why it’s so so important to have positive voices in our lives and in our minds to help us fill up on good and affirming things that will be a catalyst for a “can do” attitude.

One of the biggest things on your health and fitness journey, whether you are trying to lose weight or not, is shifting your mindset. We can’t change our outside without changing our inside.

Here are 3 tools to make your mind work for your body:

  1. Visualize how you want to be. Each day spend about 5 minutes with your eyes closed visualizing how you want your body to be!

  2. Get adequate sleep. Getting enough sleep is imperative for a clear and healthy mind (and body)!

  3. Speak life into your own life. Stop with the negativity and start focusing on the positive and speaking positive about your own life and journey!

You will be amazed at how much these three things can change everything with how your body responds.

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Jenny Mire