How to Stop Self Sabotaging with Your Health Goals

How to Stop Self Sabotaging with Your Health Goals.png

Last week we identified what “self sabotage” behavior is. If you missed it, be sure to check out that blog here.

Today I want to give you a few steps that you can take to stop those behaviors when it comes to your health goals.

The first step is to examine and identify your triggers. So what sets you off to where you think you just don’t care anymore? Is it when you’re stressed? If so, what are you stressed about? Continue to ask yourself questions until you dig deep to the root of the trigger. It may be that one co-worker who continually brings in treats to the office. Or it may be when you are feeling overwhelmed with work and home life. Whatever it is, you must identify the trigger.

Secondly, you will need to continually tell yourself YOU CAN STOP AT ONE. Ladies, I get this… it is HARD to stop at just one treat once you’ve started. This is a personal struggle of my own that I deal with all the time. But the more you say it out loud to yourself, the easier it becomes to believe it and follow through with it. It’s true, one small treat here and there is ok and it will NOT ruin your whole day or week. It is easy to bounce back from. But if you let that guilt get the best of you, it will drag you down and the self sabotaging begins!

Next, it is really important to find a program that works for you. Find something that you are able to commit to with the help of a trainer or friend. Ask yourself if you need to eliminate certain foods all together, or if you truly think you can stop at just one. Personally, there are many times in my life I need to cut some things out altogether because I am lacking the self control to stop at one.

Make a list of a few things you can 100% fully commit to. Can you commit to exercise 3 times a week? Or can you only commit to 2? Can you commit to eliminating all processed sweets? Or is that too drastic? It is really important to make a list of those things you are fully able to follow through with 100%.

If you are unsure of where to start, I would love to work with you in my virtual fat loss bootcamps. Check it out here: I offer a program that is able to be a lifestyle and super flexible as well as offer DAILY check ins to make sure you are staying accountable.

Lastly, on the process to beating those self sabotaging behaviors, you must be cognizant of the immediate outcome. If you resist that cupcake in the workplace today, will you feel better today? ABSOLUTELY. If you get that 10 minute workout in, will you immediately be proud of yourself? YES!

So continue to tell yourself, “If I workout today, I will feel better TODAY” and “if I stop at one cookie, I will be proud TODAY that I had the willpower to stop at one”.

It is imperative to recognize the immediate outcome and not always have your eyes on the long term goal.

Cheers to you friend!

Jenny Mire