Working Out on Vacation: My Top Tips

Vacation can easily become a time when we push our health and fitness goals to the side and use our trip to visit family or to a new place as an excuse to indulge - especially this time of year! However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, I’d like to share my top tips for sticking to a workout routine when you are away from home.

  • Plan ahead. Staying in a hotel? Check out their gym or pool amenities online before your arrival. That way, you’ll know exactly what kinds of workouts you’ll be able to do upon arrival. Staying at a friend’s or family member’s? Ask them if they know of a nearby gym that you could visit while you are there. Be sure to pack accordingly! You’ll want to ensure your tennis shoes and workout clothes make it into your suitcase to hold you even more accountable.

  • Seek out activities that encourage you to get your heart rate up. It may be difficult to find time to sneak away to a fitness center while on vacation, but there are plenty of other activities outside of the hotel doors that will achieve the same result! Walking to your destination, planning to spend time kayaking on the water, or even skiing in the winter months serve as exercise - and they’re fun too!

  • Engage your family and friends for accountability. Tell those you are traveling with that you would like to stay active on this vacation and indulge in experiences over a lack of routine. Sharing this goal will help hold you accountable and may even encourage them to join you!

  • Be realistic. If your norm is to spend an hour and a half at the gym, consider the amount of time you’ll truly be able to allot yourself once you arrive and plan for that. Adjusting and setting realistic expectations will keep you motivated to keep going, rather than become frustrated that you’re not going as hard as you’re used to.

Next time you go on a vacation, keep these tips in mind. By keeping your health and fitness goals in mind while you are away, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself there AND when you get home!

If you’d like more tips of how to stay on track while on vacation and through this holiday season, be sure to check out my website and register for the FITmas Challenge! Starting next Monday, we’ll learn how to exercise effectively, enjoy those treats, and see results.



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