How the FWTFL is a Lifestyle: No Deprivation

Friends, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know how passionate I am about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. Not only has this program changed my life, but so many of my clients’ lives! One thing I can say for sure is that this program is a lifestyle - especially this time of year!

  • We carb cycle, and the days are flexible. In the FWTFL, we cycle our low carb days with higher carb days depending on our exercise routine for the given day. This helps us to optimize our fat burn and build muscle accordingly - getting the results we are all striving for! The best part about it is, even if we need to adjust the day to fit our schedule better, we can! Going out of town on a day you’re supposed to be hitting the gym? No problem. Simply swap your low macro rest day with your regular strength training day!

  • Treats are allowed! I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. This could be troublesome around this time of year, but I’ve learned to plan ahead without guilt. If I know I’ll be headed to an event and there will be a treat or two that I would love to have, I simply crush it at the gym that day with legs. Since I have pushed my body a little bit harder at the gym, I know it will utilize the extra carbs and calories effectively and my results will not be compromised, nor will I be deprived!

  • We don’t spend hours in the gym. Holidays are busy. You’re meeting with friends, family, shopping, and your calendar quickly becomes full. This doesn’t mean your workouts are pushed to the side - especially with the FASTer Way. With workouts that can be done within 30-40 minutes, it’s easy to fit it in and still see results!

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss has totally transformed the way I look at my health and fitness routine. Rather than be stuck to a rigid schedule, I know that I can move things around to better fit my needs without depriving myself or jeopardizing my results. I’m able to enjoy treats without spending hours in the gym. It has quickly become a lifestyle for myself and my clients - and I’d love to share it with you! Join me for another FWTFL bootcamp round starting Prep Week December 31st, and let’s change our lives this upcoming year!