No Scale November: A Challenge to you to Stay off the Scale

You’ve heard me say it many times. The scale does not always accurately depict measures of success in our health and fitness endeavors. So why do we give it so much leverage to how we feel about ourselves and our journey towards fat loss and better health?

It’s a common misconception that the scale is the “tell-all” to our health. However, there are so many other ways to celebrate our achievements! In a previous blog post, I shared why I feel non-scale victories are so important. In short, the scale is just an object that should not hold power over our feelings about ourselves; rather we should focus upon our energy levels, confidence in ourselves, and how we are feeling inside and out as a whole - which is our purpose for eating well and staying active anyway!

If we adapt this mindset, we’re left with non-scale victories: filling more comfortable in an outfit, overcoming illness, being able to reach for a heavier weight, or even keeping up with the kiddos day to day.

We’ve all heard of No Shave November, right? It’s a time where it’s considered safe to go a full 30 days without touching a razor with no judgement. This year, I challenge you to rethink “No Shave”, and instead lead into the month with the intentions of No SCALE November.  

I promise you will feel empowered, confident, and maybe even want to throw the scale out forever come December! By focusing upon these smaller victories instead of a number - that can fluctuate day to day depending on hydration levels, heaviness of our meals, or even the amount of sleep we got the night before anyway - I bet you’ll feel better than ever before about your journey and where you are headed.

Are you in?

Healthy LivingJenny Mire