Mindset Shift for Lasting Fat Loss

What is your “why” for eating well and exercising? Is it to fit into that old pair of jeans, feel good in a bikini, or see that ideal number on the scale? Often, we set our goals based on appearance, rather than overall health. Our “why” becomes surface level, and in turn our motivation diminishes over time. What if instead of trying to fit into an old pair of jeans, we were motivated by the idea that we could feel better about ourselves, have more energy, and feel strong enough to do anything? This mindset shift will promote fat loss over time, while also building our abilities to think positively about ourselves.

  • Start by being patient with yourself. You may not have achieved your goal of having enough energy to keep up with the kiddos all day, every day, but did you notice how your recent speed burst training gave you enough endurance to play soccer outside for an hour? Did you see how easy it was to hold the grocery basket while you went aisle to aisle for last minute items? Be patient with yourself and celebrate the small strides you are making - they add up over time!

  • Don’t focus on what you can’t have. If you’re eating well to improve your gut health so you can live your day to day life without having to stop with a belly ache, don’t focus on how you can’t eat those Oreos for dessert. Instead, think about how your nutrient-rich salad for lunch will help you feel good enough to go about your daily activities and enjoy the things you love!

  • Reexamine why you are exercising. Are you exercising to build strength, or are you punishing yourself for a choice you made the day before? By shifting your mindset to be about building yourself up, you are focusing on the positive. Treat yourself like a friend - not a critic.

Today, I challenge you to rethink your “why”. Then, I ask that you continue to be patient, focus on the good, and treat yourself like a friend. Doing so will create a positive shift in your mindset, which will in turn support your strides towards fat loss as you push to become a healthier version of you.

If you’d like support in creating this mindshift change, be sure to head over to my website and take a look at my Think Fit Journal + Devotion. This is a must-have for learning to love ourselves and take control over our habits!

MindsetJenny Mire