Building the Courage to Start Your Wellness Journey - 3 Ways to JUST DO IT

When was the last time you tried something that scared you? Was it the start of a new position at work, meeting a new group of friends for book club, or trying a new class out? Looking back now, are you glad you did? It takes courage to start anything new - especially when it regards our health. However, more often than not, we don’t regret doing so. Today, I’d like to share three ways to get started on your wellness journey and take charge of your life!

  1. Set small goals. You’re beginning a lifestyle change! Don’t try to do everything perfect at once. Instead, choose a specific area and focus on that for a few weeks. This may be in regards to your nutrition, exercise regimen, or your mindset. After you’ve zoned in to a specific piece for a given time frame, reflect on your progress and set a new goal. This will keep you striving towards high expectations, while also keeping you motivated based upon your successes!

  2. Make a plan. This goes along with setting goals. Make a plan for how you will stay on track with your nutrition each day of the week. Will you prep each meal before the work week begins? Will you create a meal calendar and stick to it? When will you hit the gym? What will you do while you’re there? Answering these questions beforehand will allow you to enter each day knowing your goals and set you up to crush them.

  3. Gain support! It’s hard to adapt new eating habits when you’re still serving pizza for dinner each night to your family. It’s hard to explain why you need to hit the gym early on a Saturday morning when this time used to be spent enjoying coffee and pancakes at a local restaurant. Rather than struggle with the push and pull, explain your goals to your family. They love you, and they will support you. They may even join you!

It takes courage to adapt a new lifestyle and start a new wellness journey. However, I believe in you. I know you can set goals, achieve them, and accomplish anything you want to do - you just have to get started. Today, I challenge you to JUST DO IT!

Mindset, LifestyleJenny Mire