5 Ways to Find your Abs During the Holidays

Summer is a season where the weather is hot, salads are a cool treat, and it’s easy to want to be out and about. Flashforward to winter where many of us seek to stay indoors, enjoy warm comfort food, and our activity levels tend to drop. In turn, we may lose sight of our goals and our abs.

What if this holiday season, this didn’t happen? Today I’d like to share 5 ways to help you not only find your abs, but keep them!

  1. Focus on your nutrition. Ever heard of the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”? This is so true! With the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, we follow a pyramid in which nutrition is at top priority well before strength training. Sure you can train those abs, but if your nutrition isn’t on point it will be hard to see your hard work! Try to incorporate muscle-building protein and fat-eating fiber into your diet, and you’ll soon feel leaner than ever before!

  2. Mix it up. Do you like to ride your bicycle in the warmer months? Is that nearly impossible come Daylight Savings Time? Instead of stopping completely, try a spinning class or stationary bike at home. You’ll still get to enjoy the exercises you love, just in warmer temperatures!

  3. Incorporate effective exercises. Yes, nutrition is key to success. However, interval and strength training should not be ignored! Focus on building endurance through small bits of cardio (no more than 30 minutes) and strength training exercises that work many muscle groups. My go-tos are planks, bird dogs, and stomach vacuums with a twist. These all help strengthen the back, abs, and glutes!

  4. Make appointments with yourself. It’s easy to find an excuse not to exercise or eat well when we are overwhelmed in our daily activities - especially in the busy holiday season! By making your workouts and meals appointments or to-dos on your calendar, you’re less likely to skip over them. Set these at the top of your priority list and get it done! You’ll be happy you did later.

  5. Set little goals. Instead of saying that you’ll work out and eat right for the whole month of November, think ahead to just the next few days. Have an upcoming party with friends? Set a goal to only enjoy one treat and stay hydrated with water while you are there. Setting little goals will not only leave you feeling confident in yourself, but the motivation to continue to make good choices will push you to keep going.

Adapt these five tips into your daily lifestyle, and I know you’ll enter 2019 feeling better than ever! Looking for more support? Be sure to check out my website for my first bootcamp of the New Year in January! Or join me December 31st in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss!