Why Does Mindset Matter During the Holidays?

I am a strong believer in a positive mindset and how it affects your overall well-being. Your mindset determines how you look, feel, and act. It drives your motivation and drive to complete tasks and challenges. Today, I am here to tell you that your mindset matters more than ever during the holidays!

This time of year, it’s easy to let ourselves fall lax towards our goals. We often find ourselves busier and more on-the-go as our calendars fill up with parties and events with family and friends. However, the mindset in which we enter these activities affects our success and achievement of our goals greatly.

When you have a positive outlook on meeting your goals, the chances of you actually achieving those goals increases! If you believe you can, you will. You’ll head in to that holiday party believing you can stay strong and avoid temptation of sampling each cookie on the dessert table. Instead, you’ll head over to the appetizer table where most veggies lay and fill up your plate - because you believe you will achieve your wellness goals to become a better version of you.

You won’t give in to self-sabotage. Around this time of year, it’s easy to say that you’ll start tomorrow, Monday, or even at the start of the year after a long, hard day. If your mindset is set to be more positive and healthy, you’ll instead look at a hard day as a challenge to overcome and come out ahead of after. Your goals will stay as a top priority, rather than throwing them to the backburner. It will become easier to look forward to the gym to release stress, rather than reaching towards that bowl of candy that will leave you feeling worse after.

You’ll find that you love yourself enough to keep going. You know that you can tackle any challenge, crazy day, or flip of events in your schedule. Around this time of year, I feel that these kinds of things happen on the regular - having a positive mindset enables you to find the good and bounce back fast. You’ll find ways to reach your goals with these changes, because you know that you can!

If you’re looking to change your mindset, become a happier and healthier you, while also enjoying yourself this holiday season, head over to my site and check out my new Think Fit Method Journal and Devotional. This is a great tool in overcoming self-sabotage, emotional eating, and learning to love yourself through God’s way, and I am so excited to share it with you!