On the Road This Season? Try These HIIT Workouts Anywhere you Go!

Are you headed out of town this season? Often, when we leave home we leave our access to equipment and a gym. If this is the case, try these HIIT workouts that are proven to burn fat and can be done anywhere you go!

Circuit One - Complete each exercise for 30 seconds, going all the way through the circuit before repeating for a total of three times:

  • Jog in place

  • High knees

  • In and out back kicks

  • Mountain climbers

  • Squat jumps

  • Tuck jumps

Circuit Two - Complete each exercise in the circuit as follows:

  • Air squat (20 reps)

  • Alternating lunges (20 each side)

  • Step up on bench (20 each side)

  • Squat jumps (10 reps)

*Rest two minutes before repeating the circuit one more time.

Circuit Three (Tabata) - Complete each exercise for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds before beginning again for a total of 6 times before moving to the next exercise.  

  • Jump squats

  • Mountain climbers

  • Up down plank

  • Burpees

  • Toe taps

I hope these leave you feeling accomplished and ready to tackle your day as you prime your body for optimal fat burn!

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