Let me Help you Stay on Track Through the Holidays!

It’s almost November, which means holidays are coming full speed ahead. With the FASTer Way to Fat Loss lifestyle, I have no doubt that myself and my clients will be still be able to reach goals and find the flexibility to still enjoy events and parties that lie ahead. Whether you’re just beginning this lifestyle or have been following it for a while, here’s why you can continue to do so through these holiday months:

  • Have a busy day ahead of you and not sure if you can make it to the gym? No problem! With the FASTer Way lifestyle, we focus upon rest and nutrition over hours on the treadmill. Take the day to enjoy what you have planned, stay tight on your nutrition, and make a plan to continue with your strength training or HIIT routine the next day.

  • Intermittent fasting is a key component. I love how intermittent fasting allows me to give my body a break from digesting food in the early hours of the day to repair itself, while also allowing me to get my macronutrients in in bigger portions after breaking my fast. This makes busy mornings fly by - I don’t have to rush out of the house grabbing a quick bite to eat that might not fit my goals. Instead, I can head out with the intention of hydrating until I break my fast with whole food nutrition later in the day.

  • There are treats built in to the program! The FWTFL is not a deprivation program. Instead, we strive to plan our treats according to days in which our bodies will be able to best utilize the extra fuel.

  • The schedule itself is flexible. With the FASTer Way there are purposeful low carb days, low macro days, and regular macro days. However, these can be rearranged with the support of a coach, like myself, to fit your needs and schedule. A simple swap of training and nutrition makes it possible to enjoy yourself while also sticking to your goals.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is a program I strongly believe can be made into a lifestyle. There is no deprivation, it’s based around science, and has been proven to be successful for women and men around the world. You do not want to miss out on your chance to hit your goals before the end of the year! With that said, I am offering one FINAL round of 2018 beginning November 5th. Let me help you stay on track during these holiday months and adopt a healthier lifestyle! Register now by heading over to my website.