Do you Love Yourself Enough not to Binge Through the Holidays?

Every holiday season, I find my countertops filled with sweets. Whether it be cookies, candies, or sweet bread, temptation lies at my fingertips - especially when the temperature drops and I find myself wanting to stay inside to avoid the breezy air! It’s so easy to fall into the bad habit of binging through the holidays, but this year, I encourage you to think, “Do I love myself enough not to?”

Instead of reaching for that extra handful of candied nuts, consider:

  • How you feel after. Once you’ve had that extra cookie that left you feeling unbelievably full, how did you feel? Is this a way you want to feel again? If not, find a distraction away from the food table that will leave you feeling more satisfied. You’ll thank yourself later!

  • How far you’ve come. You’ve spent the last three-quarters of the year striving to meet specific health and nutrition goals! Are those treats worth it? If the answer is no, reach for an apple with nut butter instead. The sweet taste of the apple will satisfy you, and the combination of fat and protein from the nut butter will leave you full for longer than the simple sugars of a candy cane will!

  • Why you’re tempted. Why is it that you feel you need to eat every last bit of the pie? Instead of going all in, try sharing the treat with a friend or family member or leaving a piece behind for someone else later. Then, drink some water. Often our cravings come from being dehydrated without us even knowing it!

If you’re looking for tips to stay on track this holiday season, check out my previous blog post. Then, be sure to look out for my open registration email for my last FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamp of 2018! We’ll lead in to the holidays with our goals in mind, and I will teach you how to avoid losing sight of them as the year comes to a close.