3 Tips to Stay on Track with Nutrition During the Holidays

Can you believe it’s the holiday season already? It feels like 2018 has just flown by! With that said, it’s important to keep our goals that we have been working towards the last ten months in mind as we enter the holiday season. Today, I’d like to share three tips to help you stay on track.

  1. Strike a balance. It’s easy to go all in - one way or the other. Whether we have the mindset in which we say that we will avoid treats at all costs, or we pick up the mentality that we’ll start the new year “fresh”, too much of one extreme during the holidays could create issues as we strive to reach our goals! Rather than feeling deprived or stuffed to the rim, creating a balance will enable us to feel better event to event and still truly enjoy that slice of pumpkin pie without guilt and an understanding that we can get right back at it afterwards.

  2. Get your workout in. If you’re like me, getting a good strength training or HIIT session in before an event will increase your chances of eating healthy and vice versa. You’ll enter the event feeling confident and proud of yourself with your goals at the front of your brain, and you’ll want to continue doing so well after!

  3. Plan get togethers outside of the realm of food. It’s easy to think of candies, hot cocoa, and other treats when the holidays roll around. Instead, try to plan events in which you and your friends and family are focused upon being active or just enjoying time spent with one another. This might be heading outside for a snowball fight, to create a snowman, going sledding, or even playing a new board game you’ve heard rave reviews about. When the focus isn’t around food, you’ll find yourself less tempted to give in and perhaps enjoy yourself even more!

If you’d like to be held accountable this holiday season and roll in feeling lean and confident in yourself, be sure to head over to register for my FASTer Way to Fat Loss bootcamp. We begin next Monday, October 8th, and I’d love to help you reach your goals in these cold months!