Retraining That Negative Self Talk

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Negative Self Talk. Who does it?

Me, me, me! I’m raising my hand with you!

Ladies, we ALL struggle with negative self talk to one degree or another.

Have you ever sat and really monitored your thoughts about yourself? Most of us haven’t but I challenge you today to do that. Take 5 minutes out and really monitor your thoughts about yourself.  A popular therapy called “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” is influenced by the belief that thoughts influence feelings which then influence behavior. So basically, you start to behave and feel as if those negative self thoughts are true.

Today I am going to give you 4 easy steps to start the process of retraining that negative self talk.

Step 1: Observe your thoughts and write them down.

Spend 5 minutes monitoring your thoughts about yourself. What do you think of yourself? It is extremely important to be aware of what negative thoughts are going through your brain. Write them down.

Step 2: Write down your triggers.

Spend 5 more minutes thinking about what triggers you to think these negative things. Write them down. Understanding and bringing in to awareness the things that trigger you is very important in changing your thought behavior.

Step 3: Each morning choose your mantra for the day.

Say this OUTLOUD to yourself repeatedly throughout the day. Some examples are: “You’re beautiful”, “You can do this”, “You will succeed today”, “I am happy today”, “I am beautiful the way I am”. As you go about your day, have this on repeat both silently in your head and outloud so your ears hear it.

Step 4: Make it a game.

Instead of telling yourself “I will never lose this weight”, tell yourself “I can lose this weight, just watch”. Challenge yourself in this game and prove yourself wrong while stopping the black and white thinking. Stop using the words “never” or “always”. Prove yourself wrong.

Step 5: Turn the negative in to a positive and make a gratitude list.

Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for and keep it with you all the time. A great place to put this is in your purse or stuck to your computer where you work all day. Every time a negative thought comes in to your mind about yourself, take out the paper and speak OUT LOUD the things you are grateful for and what you are celebrating.

As you can see, retraining that negative self talk really starts with identifying the problem and then retraining yourself to speak positive things. By speaking out loud, your ears are hearing this and you will begin to retrain your brain to think those things instead of negative things.

A negative mindset and negative self talk is detrimental in your weight loss journey and can set you back. So take some time today to start creating a new habit and creating new neuro-pathways of thinking. This takes time and requires work, but I can promise you in the end, it will be worth the journey.

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Jenny Mire