Mindset for the New Year

Mindset for the New Year.png

Mindset is such an important topic to discuss when it comes to your health and fitness.

Did you know that what you say to yourself in your mind, you believe about yourself?

So are you telling yourself you can’t do it? Are you saying you are fat and worthless?

I sure hope not. Because this is DETRIMENTAL to your health!

Here are three tips for a mindset shift this New Year and journey to health:

1. Enjoy the journey. Every day is a new beginning and I challenge you to wake up each day and enjoy the journey you are on. Tell yourself what you did well yesterday and what you will do well at today. Take our 2 minutes and close your eyes and visualize the health journey you are on. Visualize what you want to be when you reach your goals. Whisper to yourself your victories!

2. Know that you are worth it. Day in and day out, remember that you are doing this because you are worth it. You are worth it to God. You are worth it to your family. You are worth it to your friends. And you are worth it to YOURSELF.

3. Keep your health journey simple. Don’t overcomplicate things by trying to do everything at once. If need be, take small steps towards your goals by starting with 10 minutes of movement a day. Then next week add in a few dietary changes. Remember, this is a journey and you should enjoy it along the way. Keep it simple!

I hope that these tips will help you along your journey. Mindset is so important in reaching your goals. If you haven’t already, please download my FREE eBook “Why Your Mind is Making You Fat” to learn more about mindset, emotional eating and self sabotage.


Jenny Mire