Stay Healthy in Community

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Most of us can go through some type of fitness program and see results. However, the struggle lies in maintaining those results over time. We typically stay super tight with our workouts and our nutrition, then go back to eating how we did before our program. While we may keep up with the workouts, we don’t hit the gym as often as we did during our program. So, slowly but surely, those lost pounds creep back in. We then head for another weight loss program, see results, slack off, gain weight back…and the cycle continues.

You DON’T have to live this way!! There is actually one thing that can help you continue your healthy lifestyle for the long-haul. Seriously. But, before I dig into that one thing, I am making one huge assumption: the program you’ve chosen is truly sustainable.

If you have crash dieted, cleansed or tried some “quick fix” diet plan, then you won’t be able to sustain that lifestyle or those results. However, if you’ve participated in a program that is founded on solid nutritional principles and safe, effective workouts, then you are set!

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Assuming you initially participated in an effective, sustainable program, the one thing that will keep you going long-term is community. There is truly nothing more effective than some positive peer pressure, encouragement, and accountability. If you want to see continued success in the pursuit of your healthy lifestyle, then you need community. How do you go about finding that? Well, there are a few options…

Join a gym or studio.

If you are a super social type and have room in your schedule and budget, joining a gym, club or studio is a fantastic way to build community. Once you find a place you love, get to know people there. This will help you stay connected and make it harder to skip your time there!

Find a buddy.

Find someone who is committed to living a healthy lifestyle and keep each other accountable. If you are able to meet for workouts or meal prepping, then that is a huge blessing. However, your person may be far away, so set up a time for some weekly accountability to ensure you are staying on track. If this person is your bestie or your spouse, even better!

Join an online community.

If you can’t join a gym or find a buddy, or just have a crazy hectic life, then consider joining an online community. There are plenty of free communities out there that are super helpful and supportive. Look for one (I would start your search on Facebook) based on the type of workout you love. Also, consider joining a membership site where you get monthly workouts, education AND community! If you are a past client of mine, check this one out! 

If you are serious about making health a priority for life, then you need a supportive community cheering you on. Often that community will come from outside your immediate circle of family and friends. That is totally okay! Find a community that suits you and keep going!