5 Fitness and Nutrition Tips While Traveling

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I had a fabulous time in Ireland last month but definitely felt it first hand how hard it can be to "stay on track" while traveling! So I've put together a few tips for you ladies. 

With the holidays right around the corner, you will likely find yourself on the road, or in the air heading to spend time with family and friends. Your healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to come to a grinding halt just because you are on the go. Here are a few simple tips to keep you healthy and fit while traveling this season.

Pack healthy snacks and stay up on your probiotics.

This sounds simplistic, but it is super important. Grab some organic beef jerky, cut up some fresh veggies, grab a bag of nuts and be prepared for your time on the road or in the air. If you aren’t, then you will undoubtedly find yourself munching on chips and M&M’s! And don't forget your probiotics. These are super important, especially when you may be having food your body is not used to. 

Choose when you will indulge.

Enjoy yourself while on vacation, but make sure each time you indulge, that it is truly worth it. Don’t munch all day long on things you don’t love. Instead, plan for the things you know you don’t want to pass up! Maybe you’ve got some big dinners planned, a huge dessert night or some cocktails ahead! Don’t worry about enjoying things you love on vacation, just make sure they are truly things you love!

Plan for workouts.

If you are staying at a hotel, hit up the gym, every day you are there. If you are staying at someone’s house, bring some resistance bands, your tennis shoes and some at home workouts you can do while gone. If all else fails, go for some sprints! Stay active while on vacation, and stick with a plan. Your plan doesn’t have to be as intense as your normal plan would be at home, but make sure workouts happen in some capacity!

Play with your fasting window and carb cycle.

On vacation, you may have to move some days around on your carb cycling plan. No worries, that is the beauty of a carb cycling lifestyle! Look at your vacation plans and decide which days will be regular calorie and training days, and which will be low carb. You may end up switching things around once on vacation, but have a general idea of what you want to do. You can also shift your fasting window around based on your plans. If the breakfast buffet is all that and a bag of chips, no worries...eat breakfast! Just close your window a little earlier that day! Intermittent fasting and carb cycling are so effective because they are so flexible. Let them work for you while on vacation.

Keep things tight up until you leave, and as soon as you get back.

Make sure you are on track with macros right up until the day you leave, and hop back into things as soon as you get back. Don’t go on vacation early and return late in terms of your diet and exercise. Stay clean until the day you leave and start things up again the day you get back!

Don’t stress too much about keeping things perfect while on vacation. Plan for your trip, be intentional and decide what is truly worth it. However, when you live your everyday life with a solid nutritional foundation and regular exercise, a week of keeping things loose won’t derail your progress! Enjoy your time away, invest in your relationships and relax!

Below are a few photos from my recent Ireland vacation! 


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