5 Tips for a Flatter Tummy

With summer in full swing and almost gone, most women are much more aware of their tummy. They want abs that pop and a leaner midsection. Unfortunately, the fitness industry is full of myths regarding how to rid yourself of stubborn body fat...and almost all of those myths include thousands of crunches.

The truth is you can’t spot reduce fat. If you want a leaner midsection, you have to burn fat overall. However, there are some other important factors when it comes to a flatter tummy.

So, step away from those crunches, girl! If you want a flatter tummy...here’s what you really need:

1. Probiotics that work.

Probiotics help to regulate the bacteria found in your gut. This good bacteria is largely responsible for your metabolism and digestive comfort. Probiotics help your body use fewer calories from the food you eat, which means you store less fat.

“One study followed 210 people with a lot of belly fat. It found that taking Lactobacillus gasseri for 12 weeks reduced body weight, fat around organs, BMI, waist size and hip circumference.”1

My very favorite probiotic is from Silver Fern Brand because they WORK! Check them out here!

2. Cut Down on Dairy and Gluten

Dairy and gluten can both be inflammatory for most us. This means that our stomachs have to work extra hard to digest these things, and that we may experience bloating, irregularity and stomach discomfort as a result of consuming too much wheat and dairy. Cutting back on both gluten and dairy will help your digestion and the bloating that can cause a pooch in that tummy!

3. Get Some Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important to helping your body restore itself each night. When you aren’t getting enough sleep, your cortisol levels remain elevated. This causes your body to live in a constant state of fight or flight. Your brain will signal to your body to store fats in this state, and much of that fat will be found in the midsection. So, if you want a flatter tummy, hit the hay.

4. Hit those sprints

The very best ab workout you can do is a set of sprints. This not only gives you the fat burning benefits of a HIIT workout but will strengthen your core in ways you wouldn’t believe. Not buying it? Do 8 sprints for 20 seconds each, then tell me how those abs feel. Yeah...I thought so!

5. Relax

Prolonged periods of stress can also lead to elevated cortisol levels, so it is important you find ways to relax. Maybe that’s hitting the gym, going for a walk, journaling, or sipping a latte by the pool. Be sure to take a few minutes each day to just chill. I promise, it will be good for your flat tummy goals!

Stop the crazy amounts of crunches and sit ups! If you want a flatter tummy, you’ve got to start shedding some of that unwanted body weight. Need some support, an incredible plan and tons of encouragement and accountability? Check out the next round of my FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. This program has helped thousands of women lean out their midsection and live the healthiest, most fit version of their lives.