3 Core Moves to Incorporate into Your Weekly Workouts

3 Core Moves to Incorporate into Your Weekly Workouts.png

Working your core effectively is incredibly important for a number of reasons. Your core is your body’s stabilizer. The stronger your core, the less likely you are to injure yourself during a workout and during your everyday life. In addition, a strong core will improve your posture and take the strain off your back. And, when paired with an effective diet, core exercises will make those abs pop, giving your midsection some definition.

If you want to regularly strengthen your core, add these three basic core exercises into each of your daily workouts.

Plank variations.

A traditional plank is a fantastic core exercise, but it can get pretty boring. I recommend spicing up your planks a bit. Try a spiderman plank hold, up/up-down/downs, side planks or single leg planks.

Leg lifts.

These are killer after a few sets, but work your entire core. You can do these at the gym or at home (hold on to the bottom of your couch). For an easier option, keep your knees bent. Straighten your legs to make it a bit more challenging. For an advanced option, start with your legs horizontal and straight, then, rotate them sideways, down, sideways and back up (clockwise or counterclockwise).


We often forget that our back is part of our core. Strengthening your back is critical to avoiding injury, so I highly recommend you add these into each workout you do!

Building a strong core is about a whole lot more than finding your six pack. There are countless ways to strengthen your core, so be sure that you are adding some core work into every workout!



Jenny Mire