The Top 3 Apps to Help You Get Fit


To say that the world is digital would truly be an understatement today. Almost everything we need is just one quick tap away...and getting fit is no exception to that rule. Today, we have more tools than we could ever possibly use to get healthy and in shape. Here are some of the apps I recommend downloading if getting in shape is one of your goals.


This app is the key to your weight loss success. MyFitnessPal is a food tracking app that allows you to track what you eat, including your overall caloric intake and your macronutrient intake. This app has an incredibly vast food database that makes it super simple to find the foods you eat, and a scanner that makes adding foods to the database even easier. All of the clients who go through my online programs use this app to report on the macros for the day. Many women who have never tracked their food before are surprised to see what they are eating and how it is all broken down once they put it in the app. This alone is a huge component to the lifestyle change these women make. Knowledge is power and seeing exactly what you eat is the type of knowledge that changes your behavior.

HIIT & Tabata Timer

High Intensity Interval Training is key to burning fat. Downloading an easy to use HIIT and Tabata timer will help you focus on the intensity of your intervals and resting effectively. These apps will help you set the duration and parameters for your workout, then get to it...without any stress!

Polar Flow

The Polar Flow app links to your Polar Flow activity tracker. This app will give you readings on heart rate, feedback on your daily activity, track your calories burned during a workout, and help you track your sleep. This app gives you incredible information so that you can easily make adjustments and changes to your everyday activity. This is my favorite fitness tracking watch as well. I wear it daily!

Technology has allowed us to have access to more information than we’ve ever had before. Using that information to make changes to your lifestyle to live a healthier, happier life is truly a no-brainer. So...hurry up and grab these apps girl! Whatcha’ waiting for?