5 Nutrition and Diet Mistakes That Could Have You Holding On To Extra Weight

I meet a lot of clients who are dedicated to losing weight and making lifestyle changes, yet aren’t seeing the results they want to see. Many of these clients are making similar types of mistakes...and I am guessing many of you are, too! So, if you are holding on to some extra weight, this could be why.

Binging on the weekends.

Many people keep their nutrition tight during the week, then let loose during the weekend. They don’t realize that indulging every single weekend can often put them in a calorie surplus which will cause weight gain. If it doesn’t put them in a surplus, it will at least keep them from eating in a calorie deficit, which will stall weight loss. If this is you, consider loosening your reins a little during the week so you don’t feel the need to go crazy over the weekend, or focus on keeping things tight during the weekends!

Not tracking what you eat.

Often those who struggle with weight loss even though they eat pretty clean are still eating too much - or not enough. They aren’t aware of what they are taking in each day because they aren’t tracking. Eating too much, even if it is too much healthy food, will keep you from losing the weight you want to lose. Accurately tracking your food intake will help you pay attention to what you eat and keep you focused on staying within your parameters.

Not paying attention to your macros.

If you aren’t eating balanced meals that provide your body with all three of the macronutrients it needs in the right percentages it needs, then your metabolism will not function optimally. Too much fat will push you over your calorie limit, even if it’s healthy fat. Too many carbs will cause you to retain water weight. Too much protein without enough fiber can cause bloating and discomfort. However, eating the right balance of macros each day, and connecting your macro intake percentages to your workouts, will allow for maximum fat burning. If your macros are off, you won’t see the results you are looking for.

Eating too much processed food.

Eating processed food can really slow down your metabolic rate as digesting processed foods requires less energy than whole foods. In addition, processed foods rarely fill you up and can have addictive qualities, making it easy to overeat. Too much processed food could be keeping you from your weight loss goals. For many, this includes many of today’s diet foods that are marketed as healthy options, despite being full of processed chemicals! You may think you are eating wisely, when in fact you are thwarting your own weight loss efforts.

Not weight training.

I know these are supposed to be nutrition related, but not hitting the weights could be a huge reason you can’t shed that extra weight. Building muscle will naturally speed up your metabolism, making it easier for you to burn the calories you expend. The most effective way to build muscle is to weight train. Even those who put on muscle weight, see overall weight loss as a result of weight training because you burn fat at a higher rate than you build muscle. Hitting the weights could be the key to finally getting rid of those last few pounds!

I hope you find these things helpful and that you will be able to make some changes so that you can see the results you want! If you are looking for some guidance, I encourage you to check out my FASTer Way virtual bootcamp and let me be your trainer and help you reach your goals. Check it out here!


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