Why Mindset is So Important in Hitting Your Weight Loss Goals

Why Mindset is So Important in Hitting Your Weight Loss Goals.png

One of the most important components to any good weight loss program is a focus on mindset. Without adjusting your mindset, you will likely find your weight loss temporary and wind up feeling defeated.

Willpower only lasts for so long. Then, you will inevitably grow weary and overwhelmed by a lifestyle that leaves you feeling deprived and miserable. Without changing your mindset, you are likely to give up when things get hard, and then feel crushed by the weight of another “failure.” Maintaining a healthy mindset allows you to push through trials, celebrate the small things and find peace in the process. Addressing your mindset moves you from feeling deprived to feeling strong, healthy and like you are making wise decisions in line with your goals.

What is a healthy mindset for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle?

A focus on progress.

The end goal is important...but all progress is positive. In fact, most sustainable change takes place slowly. It isn’t typically a dive all in approach that lasts. Small changes over time might not feel quite as sexy, but will have you sticking to your goals and enjoying lasting results for a lifetime, instead of just a few weeks.

Celebrate small victories.

The little victories each day add up to huge results over time. Maintaining a proper mindset means you are less focused on your missteps and more focused on your daily wins. Success begets success, so acknowledging your successes will carry you far in the quest for a healthy, lean lifestyle.

Stop the comparison game.

Everyone has different goals, different macros, different PR’s in the gym, and different circumstances surrounding their journey. In order to maintain the proper mindset, you’ve got to keep your head in your own game. Your goals are what will bring about the greatest joy for you. It truly doesn’t matter what the girl next to you is doing. She has to live her life, and you have to live yours. Make your own journey and stop looking around at what everyone else is doing.

Non-scale victories are JUST as important as scale victories.

Actually, they are usually more important! Yes, a leaner midsection and more defined legs are amazing...but not quite as amazing as finally being able to sleep well at night or being able to wake up every morning with all of the energy you need for the day.

Through all of my online programs, I can help you turn your body from a sugar burner into a fat burner. I can help you workout effectively and increase your knowledge of both nutrition and exercise. I can provide you with a community of women who are on the same quest as you. I can even encourage you to maintain a healthy mindset. BUT….I can’t get in your brain and fix your mindset. You’ve got to work on setting your mind on the positives, the successes and the baby steps.



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