How Often Should I Switch Up My Workout Plan? Why?

How Often Should I Switch Up My Workout Plan.png

Once you’ve gotten into a good workout routine, you need to consider changing it up every now and then! While it is good to use one plan for your initial 6-8 weeks of getting fit and on the right track, after that it’s important to change things up so you work your muscles in different ways and don’t get bored. Keeping things varied will help you sculpt and tone better overall, while allowing you to stay interested and motivated. No one wants to go to the gym and do the same types of workouts for 6 months in a row. That is tedious and boring, and will leave you with less than optimal results. So, when should you change things up? There are a couple of different ways to do this - here are the simplest options.

A monthly workout plan.

Once you have a good foundation of working out, you can change it up every month. This could mean alternating workout styles, upping your weights or changing the order of your focus days. Alternating monthly allows you to focus on building strength and endurance with a particular plan and set of exercise, while keeping things fresh and interesting. After an initial 6-8 week program, a monthly change is ideal!

A quarterly plan.

Some people like to work with a plan longer in order to really hit certain muscle groups and increase weight over time. In this instance, you can switch things up quarterly to keep things new and fresh.

Keeping things fresh is super important to staying on track. Making sure that your program is progressive and builds on itself is also important. Ensuring that your workouts effectively hit your entire body in different ways over time will give you the best long term results. So, start out with an effective 6-8 week program, then switch things up either monthly or quarterly from there.

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