Kelly's Story


Wow... can I just say, WOW!

I have been working with Kelly on and off for the past 14 months. She has continually put in the work needed to change her life. Let this be a testament to those of you who feel like you have so far to go - when you show up, day in and day out, despite the failures at times and despite the lack of motivation, but truly just show up - you TOO can change your life.

I love that Kelly took the tools I gave her, and literally changed herself. Read what she has to say...

"As I look back on the last 14 months I get emotional. Jenny Thank you so much for introducing me/challenging me to try carb cycling.

This last year has been such a learning curve. Starting Carb Cycling has taught me so much in regards to how to relate food with my workouts  It has also taught me how important it is as a mom to take the time to exercise and be get healthy. In the last year I have had some big ups and downs. I have learned that fitness and healthy eating isn't just about hitting your goal and stopping its about living a lifestyle that is in balance. Sometimes keeping things balanced can be difficult. Being busy with kids and a husband that travels for work can be distracting and overwhelming but this year has taught me a lot about grace. In the journey to health/fitness its about allowing grace for hard days but determination to stay on track for the larger goal. 

I have learned that a key to my success is meal planning and programming in advance in My Fitness Pal for the next day.  I am not a big fan of reheated food so instead of precooking a bunch of food I tend to prep large amounts of ingredients so that all I have to do is throw it in the pan and cook it. I also keep nut butters, NLA for her protein, and raw honey in stock at all times. I have learned that when it comes to food, healthy doesn't mean boring or missing out on something it just means planned and accounted for.  I also have started really looking forward to and scheduling my "cheat" days.  I have found that these are vital for me in not blowing up mid week and having a big cheat. Also I love that this program has taught me to eat!!!  No 1000 calorie torture diet.  Real yummy food!

I have and will continue to recommend Jenny and the her Fat Loss programs! The amount of health, energy and confidence that has been restored cannot be measured. I am so excited to continue on this journey to health and am committed to adopting this as a lifestyle for me and my family. 

I truly cannot say enough about Jenny as a coach, mentor, and friend!  As I look at the 45 pounds and 23 inches lost I see happiness, confidence and excitement.  I have worked hard for these victories and with Jenny's leadership and support I plan to see them continue. On to the next round and the next goal!" - KELLY

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