The Best Approach to Strength Training for Women

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When the women I work with move past the beginner’s stage of strength training, they often want to know the most effective way to create a workout. Is it best to focus on one or two muscles per day, or should you focus on total body workouts every day?

My answer...both.

Caveat: I am going to assume here that those asking are looking to shed a few extra pounds and get lean. I am also going to assume that those asking are not trying to enter a bikini competition, and won’t need to focus on every little muscle in their body.

With that being said, you want to vary your workouts between focus days and total body days.

A couple of total body days a week are a must.

Total body days, where you hit your upper and lower body, are important for a number of reasons. Because they hit a variety of muscle groups, they keep your metabolic rate elevated. In addition, they provide you with opportunity to improve balance and functionality, while improving strength and revving up your metabolism. Total body workouts also keep you from fatiguing or overworking any one muscle group.

A couple of days of focused effort.

Obviously, I believe your workouts need to be more about health than aesthetics. However, as women, we all have areas we would like to shape and sculpt. If you are all about building that booty, or chiseling those legs, then you are going to have to spend some concentrated time working on those areas. You simply cannot shape and define your body without hitting those muscle groups specifically. So, taking a couple of days a week to focus your workouts on 2-3 muscle groups is entirely acceptable.

An ideal sample plan would look something like this:

Day 1: Total body

Day 2: Total body

Day 3: Back/Chest/Shoulders

Day 4: Legs/Booty

Total body workouts will give you lots of metabolic bang for your buck. Concentrated efforts will help you sculpt and shape for real definition. Together you will be able to burn fat, build muscle and look and feel your absolute best.

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