How Do I Stick to my Workout Schedule through the Holidays?

How Do I Stick to my Workout Schedule through the Holidays_.png

We all know how busy things can get during the holiday season. For many of us, this is a time where we see weight loss stall and weight gain creep in. With so many obligations and activities, most of which revolve around food, it can be hard to stick with a workout plan. Here are a few tips for making things simpler in terms of workouts during the holiday season.

Make a plan.

Get out your calendar and write out all of your events. Then, plan your gym trips around those activities. This might take some finagling, but do what you have to to get some time in. This may mean waking up earlier or going to the gym on days you don’t normally go. No worries, this will only last a season, so it won’t be too difficult.

Keep it short and sweet.

You won’t have much time in the gym this season, so choose workouts that are highly effective, but not highly time consuming. HIIT workouts are a fantastic option, since they are designed for maximum results in minimal time.

Have a back-up plan.

If you are a gym rat, you need to have a backup plan for at home workouts, this way if you miss your gym workout, you can still squeeze something in. A sprint set, or quick bodyweight HIIT workout are perfect for an at home workout backup!

Keep your nutrition tight.

When push comes to shove, your workout may slow down a bit during the holidays. This won’t be much of a problem if you keep your nutrition in check. Don’t go crazy at every party you attend. Pick and choose the holiday foods you truly love and indulge in those guilt free. However, keep it tight and clean otherwise so you won’t see the scale tip in the wrong direction!

The holiday season is truly a difficult one for all of us. However, with a little thought and intentionality you can keep things in check and still enjoy all of the festivities!

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