5 Lower Body Exercises For When You Have Low Back Pain

5 Lower Body Exercises For When You Have Low Back Pain.png

You want Carrie Underwood legs and a poppin’ booty, but struggle with most lower body moves because of lower back pain. If you want to get that lower body in shape without pain, try these 5 moves that are lower back friendly.

Lunges: Reverse or Forward

Reverse lunges will hit your hamstrings, quads and glutes without messing with your lower back. Because this move is a single leg move, it doesn’t put much pressure on your spine, which means you can leave the gym pain-free.

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

Again, the single leg nature of this move takes pressure off the lower back and keeps you pain free. The elevation of your back leg will bring some serious burn to the standing leg, making this move super effective. These can be done with weights or using solely your bodyweight. Either way, you will undoubtedly feel these after just a few reps.

Box Step Ups

Again...single leg exercises = a happy back. These will engage the glutes a good bit while increasing your heart rate significantly. You can do these without weight or add a kettlebell for greater resistance. Push through your heel for maximum burn and open up those hip flexors all the way at the top. Box step ups will tone both quads and hamstrings along with those glutes. Be sure to start out with a box height you can do comfortably, then increase the height as you get stronger and as you improve your balance.

Single Leg Stiff Deadlifts

Deadlifts are the way to build your booty. But, they can cause significant lower back pain for a lot of people, so single leg deadlifts are the solution. You get the benefit of glute work along with no pain. In addition, these will improve your stability and build your core!

Leg Extensions

Because you are seated for these, you will feel them far less in your lower back than most standing leg work. These will hit your quads hard, and can be done with minimal or maximum weight. To ensure that there is no pressure on your lower back, make sure your seat is adjusted properly and that your lower back is pressed up against the back of the chair.

You can totally slay a lower body workout without pain and stress to your lower back. Try these simple moves and sculpt that lower body with confidence in a pain-free way!

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