Silver Fern™ Brand ENDURANCE: Train longer and harder without the crash

If you've been following me or my blog for a while, you know just how much I love Silver Fern™ Brand probiotics and multi vitamins! So when they announced their brand new ENDURANCE ENERGY DRINK MIX - I was very excited to try this pre-workout energy drink!

"ENDURANCE by Silver Fern™ Brand elevates your body's ability to have increased energy capacity & generates more energy for a longer period of time." Basically put, this product actually increases your cardiac output (the amount of blood your heart can pump each minute) by up to 12% according to Silver Fern Brand. The upside to this is you can train LONGER and HARDER to maximize your results. And who wouldn't want more energy throughout the day - NATURALLY?!

Check out what ENDURANCE can actually do for you:

1. Improved endurance through Vitamin K2-7, D-Ribose, Vitamin B12 and B6. Go harder and longer without a crash at the end. 

2. Increases body power through Vitamin K2-7, D-Ribose, and Ferrazone. Ferrazone can help produce more red blood cells (which carry oxygen to your body) and assist in the process by binding oxygen to those cells. These are critical for performance.

3. Better overall mood through Alpha-GPC and L-Theanine. Alpha-GPC helps increase communication in the body between your muscles and nerves as well as improves mental alertness - yes please! L-Theanine is a natural support for mood, weight and sleep. 


What I love most about this product is that there is no crap! The caffeine source comes from a natural green tea so it doesn't come with a huge crash or jitters. My first thought is 'how in the world could I get enough energy to push through my day and let alone my workout without a ton of coffee!' You with me on that?! Well... guess what - IT WORKS! 

After using this product every day the past week, I have been beyond happy with it. I felt really good pushing through workouts with no "jitters" and no "crashes" later in the day. I also enjoyed that I could take this in the afternoon or evening, when my workouts couldn't be done first thing in the morning, without any side effects on my sleep that night. 

I will be introducing this energy drink to all of my clients in the coming weeks because I love how natural it is compared to others on the market today. This is a definite must add to my supplement list as well! 

If you are reading this - girl, don't hesitate! ENDURANCE is the real deal! Click below and get yours ordered today! #SilverFernBrandROCKS



Disclaimer: I received product to review by Silver Fern Brand however no monetary compensation was received. All reviews and opinions are my own.