Back and Shoulder Day: The Importance of Working Your Upper Body and Some Key Moves for Definition

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These days, everyone is all about the booty. I get it, I really do. In fact, leg day is my favorite day of the week. There is nothing I love more than working my lower body.


Working your upper body, mainly your back and shoulders, is also pretty important. Here’s why:

  • Your back/shoulders are a large muscle group. Working your larger muscle groups requires more from your body and will up your metabolic rate. A heightened metabolic rate makes fat burning easier.  
  • Your shoulders and back are critical for good posture. Good posture is important for avoiding pain in the lower back, and makes you look leaner.  
  • Defined shoulders will make you look more fit and toned, and will create the appearance of a smaller waist. Who doesn’t want to have their waist look smaller?

So, how do you get a more defined back and set of shoulders? Well, it starts with intentional, upper body workouts. If you want to whip that back and those shoulders into shape, try these moves for your next workout.


Whether you do these assisted or on your own, adding pull-ups into your workout will do wonders for shoulder and back definition. In addition, this is a great way to strengthen your abs!

Military Press.

Go heavy on these, and I promise, in about 8 reps, you will be feeling the burn...big time!

Lateral Dumbbell Raise.

You can do lateral raises or front raises to hit different parts of the shoulder. Both will require you to work your upper back and shoulders, helping you build muscle.

Cable Row.

This is a great exercise for back definition, so including these in your upper body workout will help you create a sexy back in no time

Upright Row.

Grab some dumbbells and do a few sets of these. You will be feeling it in those shoulders midway through your second set...promise!

Leg day is critical...but, so is shoulders/back day. So don’t neglect that upper body of yours. Be sure to hit those shoulders, and that back, hard each week!