Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. While many people use cost as an excuse to fill their pantries with processed foods, you can eat a whole foods based diet on a budget. Here are some quick tips to help you live your healthiest lifestyle without spending thousands of dollars on food each month.

Buy cheap proteins.

While meats are a great way to ensure you are getting your protein in, be sure to stock up on cheaper proteins like eggs, tuna and cottage cheese.

Buy frozen fruits and veggies.

You don’t have to have everything organic, all of the time. Buying frozen fruits for smoothies, or frozen veggies for a quick side dish will help you load up on nutrients without loading up on debt.

Buy in season.

When you don’t go the frozen route, be sure to buy your fruits and veggies in season. This will ensure both the best flavor and the best price!

Buy in Bulk.

Most of your staples can be bought in bulk. Grains, oils, and meats can all be bought in large quantities and properly stored. Bulk stores tend to have items at a cheaper rate than regular grocery stores.

Cut Coupons.

That’s right. Get out the scissors and start cutting coupons. Take advantage of B1G1 deals on items you buy often. Get the store discount card to save on your regular purchases.

Plan your menu with common items.

Is Rotisserie chicken on sale? Plan to make a chicken salad, chicken tacos and chicken fajitas with your sale items. Buy what’s on sale then use it until it’s gone!

Eating healthy isn’t just for wealthy people. You can make it work on any budget with a little creativity and some intentionality!

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NutritionJenny Mire