How to Truly Make Changes that Last a Lifetime


So how do you make changes that last a lifetime? One of the most common mistakes I see women making when it comes to weight loss is focusing on getting everything right in the beginning. They want to follow meal plans perfectly. They want to do every rep in every workout, exactly as prescribed. While this isn’t all that terrible, it also isn’t the key to staying fit for life. If you want to live a fit, healthy lifestyle are a few ways to shift your focus for maximum results.

Focus on small changes vs. extremes.

Instead of diving into an extreme diet change or intense workout program, it is best that you focus on small changes that don’t feel too big or too stressful. Making minor tweaks means you can enjoy your life while still working towards your goals. It means you don’t have to feel overwhelmed and deprived. It means you will be less likely to binge and reverse your progress. You are able to sustain small changes over time and stack them on top of each other for big lifestyle changes long-term, but when you sprint out of the gate in terms of changes, then you will lose steam and find yourself reverting back to your old ways in no time.

Consistency over perfection.

Change doesn’t happen because of one perfect workout, or an ideal macro day. Change happens when you keep your nutrition tight and exercise effectively….consistently. One day of messing up won’t derail you, just as one perfect day won’t get you to your goal. It’s the day-in, day-out grind of nutrition + exercise that will get you results over time that last. Focus on building habits, let go of perfection and stay consistent. That is truly where the greatest change takes place.

Gradual change over time is better than rapid change.

In the same way you should make small changes instead of big ones, you should focus on slow and steady changes as opposed to rapid, extreme changes. Again, the sprint can’t be sustained. If you want your weight loss results to last, then you are going to have to let the weight come off slowly. It didn’t take you a week to get to where you are, it won’t take a week to lose what you want to lose. Remember, anything that comes off quickly can come back on just as quickly.

There simply is no way around this fact: You can’t lose weight and keep it off with a drastic, extreme approach to diet and exercise. You need to focus on small, steady, slow changes that are easily sustained. And this is why I created my VIP LIVING Fit support group for previous and current clients that have gone through my other bootcamps. Check out more info here!

Ladies... remember to run the marathon and leave your sprints for low carb days!

Cheers! Jenny