So you say carb cycling doesn't work?

Today's #TransformationTuesday goes out to my lovely client, Heather. She began my online #fatloss bootcamps a few months ago and after 3.5 months of working with me has lost a total of about 26lbs and 19 inches in that time. What an incredible change! I could not be more proud of this girl! Hear what she had to say about these past 6 weeks in the #FASTerWayToFatLoss program with me:

"Jenny! I LOVE YOU and all that you have done for me in our time together. I have grown to seriously LOVE my body and myself! I NEVER dreamed I would actually be wearing a bikini this summer, but after 10 years, I am! I feel so GREAT! I feel free from food AND the scale! This program has changed my life and I have grown to love my body and how I treat it, including nutrition. I have so many NSV (non scale victories) but this swimsuit is by far the biggest one for me! This 6 weeks I lost 15.5 lbs and 7.25 inches and I feel AMAZING! I love you and these bootcamps have been the most amazing encouraging thing. I feel like I always have cheerleaders to keep pushing me!" - Heather


Ladies, it is NOT just a fad! It is NOT just a diet! This is a lifestyle that can get you the results you want WITHOUT feeling deprived. Check out when my next bootcamp is starting here and I would LOVE to be your trainer to help you reach YOUR GOALS! Let's do this ladies!

Cheers! Jenny