How to ditch your chemical coffee creamer.


While coffee is a definite yes for those going through my online programs, chemical laden coffee creamers are not allowed!“Why not”, you ask?

They are full of unhealthy chemicals and lots of sugar.

Since the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is a whole foods based program, we eat real foods that are not chemically processed. Most coffee creamers have tons of sugar, loads of preservatives and are highly processed.

“But I hate black coffee”, you say!

Well, first I challenge you to drink one cup of black coffee for a week, then tell me if you still hate it! Coffee is an acquired taste. You might be surprised how much you look forward to a black cup of coffee after drinking it that way for a while.

“I just can’t do it, Jenny!”

Okay, okay. Here are some great alternatives to chemical laden coffee creamers:

  • Blended with almond milk with a tsp of coconut oil and a pinch of cinnamon
  • Blended with protein powder
  • Coconut milk

There are even some all natural brands of coffee creamers that you can find at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Just be sure to check the sugar in those!

I would NEVER tell you to forego your morning cup of Joe (because let's be real... I have coffee daily), but consider swapping out your sugary, processed creamer for a more natural option!

Have any homemade creamer recipes or natural brands you love? If so, I’d love to hear about them. Leave your favorites in the comments below!!!

Cheers! Jenny