Why YOU should be drinking more water with Wai Drink Mixes

  As we all know, water is extremely important. Our bodies are made up of 80% water that needs to be replenished! We NEED water because it helps maximize our physical and mental performance, affects energy levels, prevents illness, and AIDS IN WEIGHT LOSS (yes it's true). But sadly... typically our go-to drink, is not water. We find sports drinks, soda, coffee, flavored water... everything BUT plan water. All of these things may not be completely healthy for us and what we are putting in our bodies.

But today, I have a solution to that!

Do you want something yummy to sip on so that you can get your water intake in without sabotaging it with nasty chemicals?!

The Wai Probiotic Drink Mix is the answer!

Friends... this drink mix is not only delicious but it is actually a probiotic! And as you know, we NEED a probiotic right?

Here are my top 3 reasons YOU should be taking a probiotic:

  1. Probiotics help break down food correctly and promote good digestion.
  2. Probiotics increase healthy gut flora, which can actually lead to weight loss and can help reset your metabolism.
  3. Probiotics boost your immune system and help keep you healthy.

So what is a “probiotic”? According to a dictionary:

pro·bi·ot·ic: denoting a substance that stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties (such as those of the intestinal flora).

I have been using the Silver Fern™ Brand Wai probiotic drink mix in the afternoons when I break my fast the past year and have fallen in love with them. These drink mixes contain probiotics that are able to survive the stomach’s naturally harsh acid. And, the probiotics can also grow in spite of the unhealthy food we sometimes eat, which isn’t great fuel for them. But what is best about the drink mix?! It helps you get your water intake up AND it actually coats the WHOLE intestines instead of just dissolving in one area like capsules do.

Silver Fern™ Brand Wai Drink mixes also provide digestive support (I know I need that since I no longer have my gallbladder) and they actually have eased my bloating and gas. According to Silver Fern, "Wai is loaded with a powerful probiotic blend containing 5 billion CFU for metabolic restoration benefits. This unique blend encourages nutrient absorption, supports healthy metabolism, and aids in immunity support. With 100% survivability, Wai drink mixes are guaranteed to persist through your digestive track and stimulate your digestive health. Additionally, thanks to Wai’s 3 grams of fiber, this ground breaking drink mix will satisfy and reduce your hunger." WHAT?! Yes please!

Check out the other benefits (besides just drinking more water) of this drink mix according to Silver Fern™ Brand:

  • Encourages healthy fat metabolism
  • Converts fiber into fat busting compounds known as short-chain fatty acids
  • Potent immune stimulator
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • 5 billion CFU probiotic blend
  • Ability to produce 12 strong antibiotics to fight opportunistic and harmful bacteria
  • 100% survivability
  • Natural
  • Reduces hunger
  • Reduces gas and bloating
  • Six tantalizing flavors
  • No added sugar
  • 6 Individual Serving Sticks per Box

If you haven't started already, I 110% recommend starting to use these Wai Drink Mixes from Silver Fern™ Brand. Head on over to their website and grab yours today! I also have them listed in my online store here. I believe in these drink mixes so much for healthy living that I give a sample box to EACH and EVERY one of my new clients each month in my FASTer Way to Fat Loss Bootcamp! Ladies - trust me when I say that these probiotics AID IN WEIGHT LOSS!

Enjoy! Jenny

This is a product review for Silver Fern Brand. No monetary payment has been paid and all thoughts and reviews are my own opinions.