Do's and Don'ts of Intermittent Fasting

Because my online programs all have an intermittent fasting component to them, I thought it might be a good idea to come up with my list of intermittent fasting do’s and don’ts….because we all like a little structure, don’t we? That’s what I thought.

Here you go, friend!

Intermittent Fasting Don’ts

  1. Don’t restrict your calories: Intermittent fasting is NOT a way to restrict your calories. Doing so has negative long-term effects on your metabolic rate, adrenal glands and overall health.
  2. Don’t stress over WHEN your fasting window is: Don’t worry about your times, worry about the number of hours you are fasting/eating.
  3. Don’t stare at the clock counting down the minutes until you are able to eat: This will only make your fasting window absolutely miserable!
  4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew with your fast: You DON’T have to hop into a 16 hour fast on day 1. It is totally fine to ease your way in!
  5. Don’t feel like you have to start with breakfast: Lots of people don’t want to eat breakfast at noon or 1pm. That’s totally fine! But if you DO love breakfast foods, then by all means, have pancakes at noon! I do this often. 

Intermittent Fasting Do’s

  1. Do eat ALL of your macros every day: It is important that you get ALL of your macros in each day to keep your metabolism functioning appropriately!
  2. Do allow for some flexibility in your fasting, for when life happens: Move your eating window around as needed. Don’t worry too much about the times, just keep your fasts at least 16 hours long and your feeding window no more than 8 hours long!
  3. Do stay busy during your fasting window: One of the greatest benefits of intermittent fasting is that you have time each day with no food prep or meals to worry about. Use that time wisely and focus your energy on staying busy!
  4. Do start off slow and extend your fasting window when you are ready. You can start with a 12 hour fasting window for a couple of days, then work your way up, adding an hour or two until you reach a 16 hour fasting window!
  5. Do eat whatever you want when you break your fast: You are a grown up. You can eat whatever you want (within a whole foods based diet) when you break your fast!

Intermittent fasting sounds like a big, scary thing, but it is actually a simple nutritional strategy that has incredible effects on fat loss, energy levels and overall health. Keep these Do’s and Don’ts in mind as you implement this strategy into your everyday life! If you are ready to start incorporating this into your life for INCREDIBLE results, I would love to teach you how. Take a look at my next online bootcamp!

Cheers! Jenny