When and why a cheat meal?

“Cheat” meals, or scheduled “cheats,” are incredibly important for sustaining your long-term weight loss goals! While that might seem counterintuitive, having planned cheats highly contributes to results that last.

What is a cheat meal?

This can be defined in a number of ways depending on who you ask. A cheat is a meal or snack that allows you some leeway in terms of your eating guidelines and let’s you give in to a craving.

Why should you have a cheat meal?

There are several reasons to “cheat” every now and then. Here are just a few:

  • You give your willpower a break
  • You won’t hate your diet/exercise plan if you know you can still have some fun treats
  • You will replenish your glycogen which positively affects your metabolism (this does depend on HOW you cheat)

When should you cheat?

You want to plan your cheats strategically by maximizing your use of carbs and minimizing your body’s storage of fat. You don’t want to cheat too often, and you don’t want to go completely wild while cheating. Here are a few cheat rules:

Cheat on a heavy training day, preferably leg day.

On heavy resistance training days your metabolism will be kicked into high gear. You will also feel pretty depleted in the energy department after a tough workout. On these days, enjoy a fun, carb heavy treat to restore your glycogen levels and increase your energy!

Cheat with mostly healthy foods, and one or two treats.

If you do this weekly, then it is not a good idea to go completely crazy! Instead, you want to stick with your nutrition guidelines for most of the day, then enjoy something outside of those guidelines. For instance, you might eat pretty normally on Saturday, but add a donut or cupcake into your day. You still want your choice to fit your macros, but you can relax a little and enjoy something you love!

Cheat with foods that are worth it to you.

Don’t waste your cheats on something you don’t really love. Make intentional choices about what you want to spend your macros on and how much you want to enjoy what you invest in! You don’t get to cheat often, so make it totally worth it!

I know that it’s been said cheating is bad. In most cases, that is totally true! However, when it comes to long term success with weight loss, cheating is the best way to ensure you stick with your new lifestyle, while ensuring you never feel miserable or deprived. If you are ready to learn a lifestyle that has you burning fat yet still allows for cheat meals, check out my online programs here!

Cheers! Jenny