Carb Cycling for Weight Loss


As a true fan of carb cycling, I am often asked about the benefits of carb cycling for weight loss. Many hear of this strategy being used by those wanting to bulk up, or get ready for a bikini competition. While that is entirely possible through carb cycling, this nutritional strategy is also extremely beneficial for weight loss. When we eat carbohydrates, our body breaks them down into sugar (glucose) that enters our bloodstream. Once that happens, our body releases a hormone called insulin to remove the glucose from our bloodstream. This is why we experience an insulin spike after eating carbs. Depending on the type of carb you eat, you could experience a large spike of insulin (simple carbs like soda, processed foods, fruits), or a smaller insulin spike (vegetables and whole grains). The energy spike you experience after eating carbs is comparable to your insulin spike.

Once the sugar is removed from your bloodstream, your body uses that as energy instead of burning the fat stored in your cells.

This is why when you begin to eat a low carb or no-carb based diet, you see significant weight loss results. However, over time you will find that you are lacking energy to complete challenging workouts. Eating too few carbs for too long can also send your body into an overly stressed state, causing stress hormones to increase and muscle building hormones to decrease.

When this happens, your body is more likely to hold on to the fat stored in its cells and decrease its metabolic rate.

Carb cycling allows for energy, decreases stress hormone levels and increases fat burning. By alternating between low carb days and high carb days, you are fueling your body and brain with the carbs it needs to have energy and not go into starvation mode. However, on low carb days you are forcing your body to reach into its fat stores for energy instead of relying on the steady state of glucose you provide it when you are eating a high carb diet.

Overall, this not only leads to short term fat loss, but long term weight loss and management. All this without feeling completely deprived and like everything good is off limits.

If you want to lose weight, while teaching your body how to effectively burn fat for a lifetime, carb cycling is where its at! A life of complete deprivation is not sustainable and can do significant damage to your adrenals and hormone levels...causing you to gain weight! Instead, you could learn how to effectively cycle your carb intake and reap the incredible weight loss benefits along with increasing your energy levels and your overall health!

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Cheers! Jenny