Balancing Motherhood: Finding time as a busy mom to prioritize your health

Everywhere you turn, someone needs something from you. You are cooking, cleaning, helping with homework and shuttling little people around all day. You kiss boo-boos, wipe away tears, sing lullabies and settle disputes….ALL. DAY. LONG. You have so much to do, and so many things that vye for your attention, that often times your own health falls to the wayside.

Stress and overwhelm can really do a job on your energy levels. Busyness can make eating healthy a challenge. Finding time to workout can feel impossible. But my sweet mama friend, you truly cannot fulfill your role as mom to the best of your ability without taking care of yourself.

I am not talking about being indulgent with your time. You don’t need a massage and blow out every day. I am talking about learning to fuel your body with the foods that will give you energy and strength. I am talking about getting in workouts that will make you stronger, increase your endurance and improve your moods. I am talking about a few minutes of quiet...even if it is in the recollect your thoughts and take a few deep breaths.

So, how can you balance health in the midst of a busy lifestyle?

Keep your food simple.

You don’t need a five course meal to be healthy. You don’t need to prep 1000 snacks for the week. Grab an apple, whip up some scrambled eggs, or buy a small bag of almonds. You don’t need to be fancy to be healthy. Load up on water, reach for fruit and veggies as snacks and don’t put too much pressure on meal time. Keep things simple!

Schedule workouts.

You don’t have to workout for hours each day to see results. You can hit the gym for 40 minutes and see incredible results! But…if you don’t schedule in your workouts, something will always push them to the side. Write at least 4 workouts into your weekly plan each week. Consider when your gym has childcare, or when you will be kid-free, then write that time down in INK!

Take 10 Minutes Before Bed to Relax.

Right before you go to sleep each night, set aside 5-10 minutes to allow your body to relax. You can do some simple stretches, take a few deep breaths, read (not on a screen), journal or just lay in bed. Keep a notepad by your side so you can write down anything that pops in your head that needs to be addressed later. Use this time to focus on winding down. This will go a long way to improving your mental state and helping you sleep better!

Let Perfection Go.

I know that’s easier said than done. However, there are some seasons in life when you can’t do everything as amazingly as you’d like to. It’s okay to say no to certain things so you can better focus your energy on others. But, you can’t fully say no to your health. So, let go of the idea that if you can’t workout for an hour then it’s not worth it. If you make one bad food decision, don’t let it derail you for the rest of the day. Perfection doesn’t breed health and wellness, consistency and progress do.

Mama, you do a lot. You need to feel your best to continually meet the needs of everyone around you. While this season of life may seem like the least conducive to living a healthy lifestyle, it is probably the most important season to pursue health. Look for simple ways to make healthy living work for you. Progress is better than perfection and simple is better than stressful. Do what works, but don’t let your health go...your family needs you!

TAKE CARE OF YOU! And if you have ever considered help, now is time. Let me help YOU on your fitness journey. I am just like you... I get it. I own two businesses and have three kids. I understand. Contact me today! 

Cheers! Jenny