Park Workout

Park WorkoutThere truly is nothing better than FRESH AIR! And after months of working out in the gym, is there any better feeling than having the option to take your workout outside?  Having the motivation of summer and feeling strong and confident in your body now is the perfect time to mix up what you’ve been doing and make it a goal to get outside for your workout at least once a week.  There is something amazing about breathing in the fresh air and being in the beauty of creation.  The benefits of taking your workout are numerous and honestly probably personal to each one of us but here are a few to name:

  1. It will break up the monotony of working out in the gym everyday and keep you happy! We like to have variety in our lives and getting outside to sweat is a great way to engage in that.
  2. You will likely burn more calories- pushing yourself using your own body weight for resistance, sprinting on a track or trail verses a treadmill that limits your speed and beyond.  You’ll be less likely to maintain your usual limits and truly push yourself beyond the norm = burning more calories!
  3. You’ll soak up the vitamin D!  we all need sunshine in our lives and vitamin D is KEY.  Often referred to as the  "sunshine vitamin” it is vital to our mental health and so much more! If you live in areas where the sun is missing for many months of the year, it is imperative to soak it up when you can.  Another KEY reason why taking your workout outside will benefit you from the inside, out!

I’ve worked up a great “Park Workout” you can try this week!  Check this out and feel free to let me know how you feel after taking your workouts outside the next few weeks!

Park Workout (using your body weight)

Complete this workout by repeating 5x through with 20 reps per exercise.

-Squats -High Knees -Alternating Lunges -Push Ups (try against a tree if needed) or use a park bench to make harder -Plank for 30 seconds to 1 minute -Jumping Jacks

Cheers to being outside, sunshine and summer bodies! For more body weight exercises and program that will be sure to get you that bikini body for the summer months, check out my 6 Week Bikini Body Workout Plan! Jenny