Client Stories

17952965_1897859337159706_7575970828246643493_nHelping women see the potential they have is something I truly feel privileged and blessed to be able to do in my life.  It wasn’t many years ago, I struggled myself to find an attainable lifestyle balance that worked in real life.  With every step I’ve been able to learn how to do refine the process and truly grow.  It is a joy to be able to share with other women who have tried to find balance, tried the fads, tried restricting, have felt like they have done everything but not found the results.  The truth is, so many are miserable because they are working out too much and not eating enough and feeling deprived and lack luster.  The day in, day out battle becomes overwhelming and exhausting.  I’ve been there, I know how it feels and that is why I’m SO passionate about sharing how truly and simply effective Carb-Cycling and Intermittent Fasting is for every woman needing to find their foothold on their journey to health and wellness. It worked for me, its worked for many and it will work for you.  I’ve found a true and genuine passion in working together my knowledge and expertise with the carb cycling nutritional approach and have never been more confident offering this program to the public.

I hope you hear my heart and feel my joy in knowing that the many women I have been fortunate to work with have been astounded at what they were capable of and after putting in the hard work, now benefit from amazing and continual results.  This program is for you, friend.  If you are reading this and wondering if you could have your own success story the answer is a resounding YES.  If you put the work in you’ll not only see the results you will FEEL them. You’ll honestly feel good from the inside out.  And today, I’m excited to share with you from some of the ladies who’ve experienced this change for themselves.18011015_10212720822884465_6079840687603261360_n

"I started by reaching out to Jenny in regards to her iifym boot camp, and she got back to me within a reasonable time. She told me about her 4 weeks to fat loss bootcamp and told me that it taught how to count macros as well, and that she would be available every step of the way. I was very hesitant to join because I didn't eat many carbs and ate more protein packed meals. I'm a cheese eater, so I was very nervous to try this, I mean not a day went by I didn't have some cheese. So I told Jenny I would think about it and go from there. I decided to take the plunge and try her 4 weeks to fat loss boot camp, I tried to be positive going into it. Within the first week, I could tell a difference, I wasn't bloated. By week 3, my clothes were starting to fit more comfortably and my wedding rings even fit better. By the end of the 4 weeks, I had lost 10 pounds and over 11 inches overall. I was blown away at my results in 4 weeks. I didn't feel deprived of food during the 4 weeks, I am getting a better quality of sleep, am feeling more confident in the gym and my clothes are fitting looser and I have had to even buy new workout clothes. I have just recently finished my 3rd boot camp with Jenny and even after a week on vacation, I still managed to lose pounds and inches. Overall, I have lost over 26 pounds and over 27 inches in 13 weeks working with Jenny." - Krista

"In the last 8 weeks I've lost 18 1/2 inches (I counted each leg and arm) and almost 12 pounds of fat!!!! The most significant was 4.25 inches in my hips!! This program is so doable." - Debbie

"I started Jenny's 4 Weeks to Fat Loss Program on February 20th. I was sick of not being able to see more results with how much energy and time I had put towards working out and feeling better. I needed a change to balance out my working out with every day life. There was so many times where I would say I'm getting away from dairy completely because of my lactose intolerance but it was so hard to give up coffee creamer and little things that you don't notice in meals. After joining this group and having the support of all these strong and incredible women, I knew it was a powerful step in the right direction. After completing the fist 4 weeks it left me with 8lbs that were lost and 8.5 inches, more importantly I feel 10x better with thinking more clearly, no more stomach aches or feeling completely exhausted. To be honest, I wasn't eating enough before and was taking to many supplements to try and balance everything. Going through this carb cycling was life changing and now I'm able to put my own twists on meals which make them taste incredible. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, all you have to do to get started." -Jessica

"Okay so I have gotten on the scale multiple times thinking it was off or messed up!!! Even with missing a week and a half of exercising but staying strict with my food I have lost 13lbs and a total of 33.5 inches!!!!! I can not thank you enough Jenny!!!! - Kelly

So today, I invite you to take your curiosity and exchange it for an investment in yourself, in your body and in your life.  You TRULY will not regret it, friend! Let’s talk and get you on your way!