Cardio Park Workout

Park Cardio WorkoutEarlier this week, I shared with you some of the benefits of taking your workout outside.  For many of us, the winter months make it unrealistic to be outdoors, unless you consider shoveling snow a workout (it is)!  I’m sure some of you wake up on sunny mornings and think about taking your training time outdoors but maybe you don’t know where to begin to maximize your efforts and your time. On Tuesday’s blog post, I shared an effective full body weight training HIIT style “Park Workout.”  Take a few minutes to check that out if you are looking for a place to start.


I have quite a few friends who are runners but we live in an area that doesn’t want to give us a real “spring” season this year.  When the sunshine and clear sky decide to make an appearance, many of them like to hit the trails or pavement for a good jog or long run.  That is the inspiration behind today’s post on working out outside.  You could easily pair this workout with the “Park Workout” or do it on its own if you are looking to get a good cardio session in and want to kick up the fat burn and metabolism!

A reminder that anytime we integrate cardio, a HIIT (high intensity training) will give us the most bang for our buck!  Alternating sprints with a slow jog or walk for recovery will truly get your body into fat-burning mode while your heart rate moves up and down.  Followed with 20-30 minutes of steady state cardio, you’ll have a solid cardio session finished and your body will have torched some major calories!

Here’s my “Cardio Park Workout”- check it out and enjoy your time outside, feet on the dirt (or track, etc.) fresh air in your lungs and hopefully a little bit of sunshine and blue sky for morale and motivation!

Warm up jog (5 minutes)

Find a mark (two benches, trees spaced appropriately, etc.) Sprint at full energy for 20 seconds (from one mark to the next)….Walk back to your start point.  Repeat this 15-20 times and give it 100% effort.

When you have finished up your sprits, start your steady state cardio and jog or walk at a fast pace (power walk) for 20-30 minutes.

Stretch out upon completion!

Take every opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature’s playground. It truly is a great opportunity to work your muscles, break a sweat and enjoy creation and the boost of Vitamin D we get when we sweat outside!

Cheers! Jenny