Strong Back

Strong Back

Your back.  Unlike our legs, abs or arms that we never seem to struggle to workout regularly— our back can often times be the muscle group we skip over or struggle to know how to work effectively. However, when you’ve seen someone with a nice strong and toned back you take notice, right?  Lets talk about the benefits of consistently working out your back for strength and ultimately for overall health benefit.

Did you know that intentionally working your back out will yield the many benefits that impact your whole body? Lets take a look at three:

  1.  A strong back= prevention of back problems: Its true. When you choose to build your back muscles you are less likely to be prone to injury or strain and a strong back is equally as important as a strong core for stability and support in your body.
  2. A strong back will help with posture and alignment: Did you realize that when you stand up straight your body immediately looks longer and leaner? In this day and age when so much time is spent at the computer, we tend to forget that we are not engaging in good posture habits. Strong back muscles will help prevent you from slouching or hunching- this also engages your core as well.
  3. A strong backs create fat loss and muscle gain: Like your legs, your back muscles are some of the larger muscle groups in your body.  When we consistently workout our larger muscle groups we benefit from fat loss and muscle gain thus increasing metabolism and eventually gaining visible results. Muscle gain= more calorie burn = burn more body fat. #win

As a trainer, I am passionate about making sure my clients work on developing their muscles from top to bottom.  And from someone who struggles with back pain and back issues I want to encourage you to work out your back to build muscle strength will benefit you all throughout life.  Here is one of my favorite back workouts that you will be able to try easily and won’t take long in the gym (or at home).

I assure you that after two weeks working on your back, you’ll see some results via muscle gain and overall in how you feel with your posture and beyond.

Try this out: 4 sets of 10 reps for each exercise with a 30 second rest between sets and finish all 4 sets completely before moving on to the next exercise

-Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns

-Underhand Bent Over Barbell Row

-High Cable Face Pull

-Cable Row

-Rear Delt Flys

Cheers to strong backs and strong bodies! Jenny