Shred The Abs

Shred the AbsReal talk: Everyone wants abs, right? Its true! In the world of health and fitness, abs are always a priority for so many people who train regularly and desire to have a tight and strong midsection. And everyone likes the way a flat and toned stomach looks.  Abs are attainable but they are also for many one of the hardest muscle groups to tone and have “pop” as many of us carry extra fat in our midsection. Probably every woman I come in contact with through personal training or via my online bootcamps has a desire to burn fat in the tummy/lower back area and tone or build muscle in their abdomen. Realistically, this can be the hardest area to find the results we desire.  And for the record, it is also incredibly hard in this day and age with Instagram and Facebook and various social media platforms to not feel “less than” when you scroll through fitness accounts of people flexing their super toned abs.  A gentle reminder that first of all, many times, those are flexed poses (with great lighting/filtering) and often of people following heavy duty training regimens with strict and specific diet plans.  And even more important, please remember you are on your own journey! As hard as it can be to not covet or compare your body to someone else that you see and want to look like, our focus HAS to be on only competing with ourselves and becoming the best version of ourselves.  I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again today, consistency, hard work and sticking to your plan (that will be your catalyst to reaching your goals) WILL yield the results you desire— but it takes time!

All of that said, I am just like you and also want to have a strong and toned stomach.  Outside of the obvious desire we have to have that “4,6 or 8 pack” from an aesthetic perspective, there are a lot of important benefits of having a strong core. A strong core is key to helping with many things—

  1. Less likely to suffer from an injury: A strong core makes you less likely to be injury prone. Our core is the part of our body where most of the work takes place. Making sure it is strong and capable will help you to be more in control of your whole body and keep the injuries at bay.  Also, focusing on engaging the WHOLE core, transverse abdominal muscles by integrating breathing methods is a great way to enlist the whole core in becoming stronger.
  2. Alleviates back pain: often times back pain can be a cause of a weak core. You may have weaker abs and stronger back muscles. Working to bring equal strength to your core(strong back AND strong Abs)  will help with balance help to keep back pain at bay.
  3. Protect your Organs and more:Staying healthy also means protecting those vital systems below the surface. Your core is not only where your organs and central nervous system do their busy-work, it’s also where your body’s largest (and most important) veins and arteries are based.”

So, let’s make taking care of our CORE and abs a priority for the sake of full body strength and health in addition to the benefits of the superficial results that we enjoy seeing in the mirror when that hard work pays off!

This is one of my ab workouts that I want to invite you to try this week. I know this will target your whole core and help you engage your muscles for a solid workout and over time, some killer results! But also keep in mind - diet is key to defining that midsection as well! Cheers to strong abs, strong bodies and confidence!

Try this Ab Circuit: complete three times through with 20 reps for each exercise.

-V-sits (in & outs) -Hip Ups -Russian Twists -Plank (as long as you can with proper form) -Cheek to cheek plank