Sexy Summer Arms

As we make our way through the month of March many of us are starting to dream of summer days at the beach, running, hiking and being outside enjoying the warm weather, sunshine and fresh air.  So many people jump into fitness routines this time of year and put the pedal to the metal working towards fit bodies for their future "beach" body. I want to encourage you this month to change your frame of mind from having a “beach body” to having a strong and healthy body that you feel confident and fit in. Sexy Summer Arms

There is no “one size fits all” look that we have to achieve to be comfortable in our bodies. We are all different and our strengths and victories will look different as well.  Do yourself a huge favor and start celebrating those very things.  Celebrate what being healthy, strong and confident is too you and then work to accomplish that, to strive towards bettering yourself and to meeting and surpassing those milestones of health, strength and confidence this year beyond summer.  I promise you that working hard to feel good will always be something you’ll be proud of!

So lets talk about an area that many women struggle with when the warmer weather makes its appearance— ARMS.  Its true, many of us struggle to want to wear dresses or tank tops that show our arms because they can be looked at as “problem spots” when it comes to toning and keeping them looking strong.  First of all, I encourage you to squash that thought! Again, lets shift the focus from what we perceive is lacking to what we know we can do— we celebrate our current strengths and work on the things we want to improve with strategy, confidence and diligence.  If your arms are a source of frustration and self-consciousness for you make sure you are working on them consistently, and of course to cleaning up your nutrition to keep those shoulders, triceps and biceps popping!

Here is one of my favorite “go-to” arm workouts that will help you to feel the burn and tone up! Try integrating this two times a week and see how you feel! Cheers to confidence, feeling good in your own skin and getting stronger inside and out every day!

Complete this series of exercises 4 times through at 15 reps for each move.

-Standing Bicep Curls -Tricep Kickbacks -Front to Lateral Raise -Hammer Curls -Overhead Tricep Extension -Standing Upright Row

Enjoy! Jenny