Focusing on self care as a woman.

Focusing on self careas a woman.Ladies, today’s blog post is mostly for you— I want to carve out some space to talk about something that is of utmost importance to me and largely woven into the “why” behind why I do what I do.  I am a a HUGE advocate for self care.  For those of you who follow me, you likely know this.  For others, let me take a short paragraph to share.

I am a mom of three girls aged ten and under.  I wasn’t an athlete in school and honestly didn’t stay consistent with any type of health and fitness activities until my last daughter was born. My journey began then.  Like many of you, I counted calories, had my ups and downs and beat myself up when I looked in the mirror or pulled on a pair of jeans.  Then something inside me woke up and I realized I could not and would not let the cycle continue.  I needed change and health, not just for my girls or husband, but for ME.  I needed to wake up with zest for life, with hunger for living my days well and to prove to myself that I was worth it.

Fast forward to today. I have been fighting and choosing regularly for over five years on valuing self care.  I know that making myself a priority is a good thing, and I want to encourage you to trust that it is okay for you also.

Ladies, I see you and feel your struggle to do this because though I’ve put it into practice, there are many days I don’t always believe it for myself. That being said what I have come to realize - is like many things in life, self care is a choice that can become a habit. A good habit!

First I want to touch on why self care is for you:

  • Self care helps you unwind and reduce stress: friends, too much stress causes burn out, lack of sleep and honestly can mess with your hormones and affect not only your body negatively, but your mind as well.
  • Self care helps you from burning out: our lives are FULL and busy and when we are able to make taking care of ourselves regularly a priority we are FAR less likely to burn out.  Think about those times you "don’t want to or don’t have time" but you get a workout in anyway, or you schedule in time for a pedicure, reading a book in the bath with a glass of wine….those small decisions add up to moments of exhale and relief or relaxation we all need.
  • Self care helps us with focus:  I am willing to bet that most of the time when we take time to breath, stretch, unplug from the grind and so on, we come back later with a new fervor and focus that will not only benefit our work, but our families and anything else that requires our best.  Absolutely, taking time to rest your mind, relax, pump your endorphins will equal focus and success on the other side.

There are countless benefits of self care, friends. One last area I’d like to touch on derives from my passion for women to start choosing to look at your workouts and time spent working your body as a form of self care and self respect.

When you lace up your running (or walking) shoes and head out the door you are valuing and experiencing self care.  When you hit the gym to lift or take a group fitness class you are again choosing to value taking care of your body and pushing yourself to new limits.  Every “checked off” workout each week is a picture of a decision you made to chose taking your health serioulsy- working hard in the gym, clearing your mind, choosing to value your mind and body, to cultivate them. Of course the added benefit of endorphin release as a result of those completed workouts is a huge win as well.

So instead of looking at working out as a form of punishment for what you ate, what you don’t like about yourself- I challenge you to start shifting your frame of mind to that of taking care of yourself because you want to steward well the body and mind you have.  Unique and individual, beautiful and worthy.  Instead of believing that taking 30-60 minutes a day to do something good for you is not fair to your family or will take you away from important work start to remind yourself that it will boost your self worth and that will benefit everyone around you and everything you invest time in.

Self care is relevant for us all and when practiced regularly will definitely become a way to continue to refill the cup we all pour from and empty out regularly.  I hope with my whole heart that you will put this into practice throughout the week and trust that it will impact your life day in and day out for the better!

Cheers to self care! Jenny

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